About Us

Hey everyone! We are Benni und Dana, travelbloggers from Cologne, Germany. In January 2018 we decided to move to Taiwan and travel around Asia for at least one year. And here we are - currently living in beautiful Taipei and excited to share all our adventures with you. 


Hey everybody, welcome to our travelblog. 


When Benni and I met, I was already working as a fashion & lifestyle blogger. You may have stumbled over my first "baby" on howimetmyoutfit.de or @howimetmyoutfit on Instagram. Anyways, the idea for "Kaffeefahrten" arose, when Benni had already planned to take a year off in Taiwan and try to find his way as a model in Asia. We only met  a couple of month before he was leaving Cologne, but as we fell in love deeply,  we decided to start this journey together and share all our experiences on Kaffeefahrten with you. 





I'm a 28 years old really relaxed and easy going dude from cologne. I studied psychology at University Hagen and worked as a model in several countries. I lived one year in Australia and 1,5 years in Latvia so far. Since January im in Taiwan and hope more countries will follow. 

I'm proud to be the guy who stands behind the camera for most of Danas pictures. I love my big family with one sister and three brothers.